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Slot games: The most common symbols

When it comes to popular casino games, slot machines are chief among them. It is especially easy for beginners to play. Aside from its eye-catching visuals, it also has straightforward and intuitive gameplay.

But with any type of game, the real fun is in figuring out how to win. Fortunately, the rules are easy to follow and understanding how the game works can be done without too much hassle.

An integral part of doing this is to first familiarize yourself with the symbols that commonly appear in slot games. There were only five symbols in the reels when slot machines first came around, now there is a larger number of symbols being used. 

Although their appearance has changed to suit the specific aesthetics of a specific game, those classic symbols are continuously used today and it functions the same way. Here are five of the most common symbols found in slots:

Standard symbols 

Also called classic symbols, Standard ones are the oldest characters used and in slot games today. Various classic symbols were used in the past but the most common ones you will find today are:

Face card symbols 

Icons referred to as face card symbols are the marks you will find in common playing cards. Usually, the ace, jack, queen, king, and ten were used as symbols to depict low-paying icons. In some titles, icons such as diamond, spade, clubs, and heart are utilised. 

Fruit symbols 

Other classic icons used were fruit symbols. Some classic examples of the symbols used were orange, cherry, melon, lemons, and grapes. These symbols became prominent when gambling was prohibited in the United States. 

During this time, developers altered the function of slot machines to instead pay out with bubblegum and the winning combination of the fruits that appear on the reels determines the flavour the player receives.

Special symbols

Wild symbols 

A symbol that can substitute for any icon is called a wild symbol. It also increases a player’s chances to get a winning combination. however, wild symbols have their imitations depending on the game. One of its most common limitations is it can only substitute regular symbols and not for other bonus symbols. 

Scatter symbols 

A scatter symbol offers the most different function compared to other symbols wherein it does not have to appear in any specific lineup; you can instead collect it up to a certain number before it is automatically used. Once you gain the appropriate amount, the symbol may give you bonuses in the form of free spins.

Multiplier symbols 

As the name suggests, multiplier symbols multiply the winning to a certain amount. The value varies based on the specific slot game: it could be doubled, tripled, or sometimes even increased up to a thousand times. Some slot games only offer this during free spins or bonus rounds and not in normal plays.

Keep in mind also that these symbols have different meanings depending on the specific game, some of which offer bigger rewards than others, but it is in getting good combinations that will determine whether you win or lose each spin.

What are slot machines and how does it work?

At its most basic core, slot games are a game of luck played simply by spinning the reels, which will then generate random symbols that may or not have a winning combination. This process can be done by pressing the spin button you will find on your screen after placing your bet. 

To get a clearer understanding of the process, players must first understand the terminologies used in playing slot games. This will help players determine whether the game is suitable for them or not. The terms you will encounter most are:

Reel – It is used to refer to the columns that you will see on your screen where the symbols should appear. The reel spins typically only for several seconds before it lands on either winning or losing combinations.

A game can have a different number of reels; at the beginning, there were five reels in slot machines until it was reduced to three. Now there can be slot games with more than five.

Paylines – This component in slots is a variety of lineups like diagonal, horizontal, or whatever pre-determined patterns. Regardless, having the right symbols appear on the specific paylines that you bet on is the determining factor in winning. 

RTP – RTP or Return to Player percentage calculates the probability of a player’s win rate using the available data collected from previous gameplays of the specific slot game. Players use the RTP to identify which slot games can offer a greater chance of winning.

Most online casinos will offer the RTPs of their games on their information sections, but it can also be seen on the website of the game developers themselves, or through game reviews that you can find online.

RNG or Random Number Generator is a mathematical formula, using numbers represented by slot symbols, to generate random combinations that appear on the reels. 

Are you ready to play slot games?

Players looking for casino games that are both easy and enjoyable will find slot games a suitable option. As long as you keep in mind the common symbols you will encounter and what they mean, then you will be able to further appreciate the objective of the game.

While almost entirely a game of luck, there are ways a player can strategize when playing to make sure they are getting the most of the game. 

One of how layers can do this is by checking the RTP of the game. This allows the player to see how much they can win after several turns. If you are looking for the ideal slot game to play, Bitcasino offers a lot of slot games with high RTPs.

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