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Top 10 biggest slot game wins in history

Majority of slot game players play for the possibility of winning the jackpot. While many have come out unsuccessful, there have been some lucky ones that were able to win it. News of their triumph has continued to encourage more players to try their hand at slot games. With this, many have been spinning the reels of various Bitcasino slots.

Both online and land-based slot games do not require complicated strategies so even new bettors can play it right away after sign up. If you need more reasons to start playing slot games, here is a list of the top 10 biggest slot game wins in history that may inspire you to place your wagers:

€11.7 million

The first big win on the list was back in 2011. The then 20-year-old Norwegian online casino player, Peter won a total of €11.7 million. One night, Peter decided to play his usual rounds on the Betsson online casino slot machine, Arabian Knights. He did not think a life-defining moment was about to happen to him, winning him the grand prize. He won approximately €11.7 million.

$14.3 million (€13.5 million)

The next big win on the list was from the Rampart Casino in Las Vegas. In December 2013, a player won a grand total of $14.3 million. What makes this win much more impressive to a gambler’s eye is that it was won with just a $20 bet. 

The anonymous winner played their usual slot game rounds on the Megabucks slot machine, not knowing the huge jackpot was coming their way. After winning this whopping prize, the winner donated the majority of their earnings to a charity while remaining anonymous.

€17.8 million

This unsuspecting Finnish player is next on the list of top jackpot winners. With a 25¢ wager, the Finn was able to earn a grand total of €17.8 Million. This online slot game win was approximately worth $23.6 million. He won the pot back in 2013 when he sat down and played NetEnt’s Mega Fortune on an online casino.

€18.9 million

Considered to be one of the biggest online casino wins in history, the lucky player was able to earn a total of €18.9 million. With a 75-cent wager on their mobile phone, they became a multi-millionaire in a span of 50 spins. This huge moment happened back on September 28, 2018, when they wagered on the Mega Moolah slot game. 

€19.7 million

With just a £25 wager, this fortunate British soldier, Jon Hayward, was able to bring home a grand total of £13.2 million. Won at Betway, an online casino, this jackpot was approximately worth $20.8 million (€19.7 million) at the time. The unsuspecting player placed their bets on the Mega Moolah progressive slot game by Microgaming.

$21.1 million (€20 million)

Among the several entries on this top 10 list, this player can easily be considered one of, if not, the luckiest. After just winning a $4.6 million (€4.3 million) jackpot at the Mirage Hotel & Casino back in 1989, Elmer Sherwin went to the Cannery Casino & Hotel to win another. The player won a whopping $21.1 million (€20 million) during one of his betting rounds on the Megabucks slot machine. 

$22.6 million (€21.4 million)

Although she did not spend as little money compared to the others on the list, Johanna Heundl won a grand total of $22.6 million (€21.4 Million) back in May 2002. Heundl, who was 74 years old then, managed to win with a $170 (€161) wager on the Megabucks slot machine at Bally. 

$27.6 million (€26.2 million)

Nearing the end of the list, this lucky flight attendant retiree was only intending to spend $100 (€95) but ended up spending triple her budget. Her risky investment earned her a massive amount of $27.6 million (€26.2 Million). This life-changing moment happened back in 1998 at the Palace Station Casino, where she played on the Megabuck slot machine.


$35 million (€33.2 million)

The next lucky player on this top 10 list is Cynthia Jay Brennan who won a whopping $35 million (€33.2 Million) jackpot in 2000. The 37-year-old managed to win the second-biggest jackpot in history at the Desert Inn. Similar to the other wins that were mentioned, Brennan wagered on the Megabuck slot machine. 

$39.7 million (€37.7 million) 

The biggest slot machine winner goes to the lucky player from LA. Having just spent $100 (€95) wager on the famous Megabucks slot machine, they were able to win $39.7 million (€37.7 Million). Won back in 2003 at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas, this amazing win remains the biggest jackpot in history.

How to win big on slot games

After reading about the top slot game jackpot wins in history, try your luck on the Bitcasino slots selection! Increase your chances of winning by trying different strategies or by playing with a Bitcasino bonus. With this in mind, here are some ways to make the most of your wager:

Use your free spins

One of the first things you can do to increase your chances is by signing up for a casino’s welcome bonus. Casino bonuses are frequently used by betting platforms to entice new customers. Promotions typically include free spins you can use freely on their slot game selection. 

A bonus that doubles or triples your initial wager is one of the bonuses you might get with the welcome package. In some cases, casinos offer free spins without asking for payment as long as you’re a registered player. 

Read slot game reviews

You can learn a thing or two from reading slot game reviews. This will teach you how to win at a specific slot game and which titles have the best odds. You can get advice on how to make it to the bonus rounds, how to get the best payouts, and whether a game is worthwhile. You can trust the information they provide because they are typically written by players and casino professionals.

Set up spending limits

While slot machines can be a lot of fun, if you’re not careful with placing your wagers, you risk losing more money. For each session, it is recommended to set a spending limit. You have to recognise your boundaries. You mustn’t cross them. By doing this, you can stretch your bankroll and prevent losses that you cannot afford. 

You should have a respectable bankroll following your risk appetite. Besides setting spending limits, creating a scheduled time for your gaming sessions can help so that it wouldn’t keep you from doing your daily tasks or priorities. By making a monthly, weekly, or even daily financial plan, you can keep track of your gaming expenditures. 

Enjoy the slot game experience

Even though there are many factors to take into account when playing slot games, it is always important to remember that you enjoy the experience. The game shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The odds in slot games constantly change because of their volatility, and simply, it is a game of chance, so try not to concentrate too much and enjoy placing wagers as much as you can.

Choose a high RTP slot game

The Return-To-Player (RTP) rate is a payout you can expect from gambling on slot machines and is typically expressed as a percentage. It is crucial to choose games with high RTPs that range from 96% to 100%. This is to assure big payouts. For example, if you play a slot game with an RTP rate of 98%, you can expect to receive $98 back with a $100 wager. 

High-paying slot games to win big with

Now that you are equipped with the hows of winning in slot games, it is time to try some high-paying slot titles! Make sure to remember to play games that your budget can afford. Here are two amazing titles to try out:

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold (RealTime Gaming)

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold by RTG is a popular progressive slot game that can multiply your initial wager x7500. This 5×3 slot game has a 95% RTP and 20 winning paylines to hit. If you land a winning combination alongside a wild, you can win double your wager. 

Landing three or more of the game’s scatters, which come in pyramid symbols, will earn you 15 free spin rounds. All prizes are tripled during these rounds. Scarab symbols, if it lands on an active payline, will reward you 1000 coins.

The game’s progressive jackpot resets at 100000 coins once a player wins it. With a minimum wager of 0.04 coins, get the chance to win the potentially huge jackpot.

Mega Moolah (Microgaming)

Mega Moolah, one of Microgaming’s most well-known jackpot slots, has 5 reels, 25 paylines, and an RTP of 88.12%. To win rounds, you need three or more identical symbols on a payline beginning with the first reel. The two highest-valued symbols, the wild, and only two additional symbols are required. You can use between 10 and 100 automatic spins with the auto-play feature.

If there was a symbol to look out for, it would be the wild. The game’s Lion Wild symbol not only substitutes any standard symbol but also has an x2 multiplier attached to it. Win up to 30 free spins with a 3x multiplier when you land wild symbols to trigger the bonus round. 


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