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Bitcasino offers Nigeria a wide range of casino games that will thrill and excite you with the prospect of a huge win. Amongst the games offered here, slot games take the top spot when it comes to mind-blowing variation of themes, fun gameplay and blood pumping bonuses! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, slot games offer a captivating experience through eye-catching animations and bonus rounds that will give you a run for your money. 

Experience fast and easy entertainment right at your fingertips here at Bitcasino. Get access to all the outstanding slot games in the casino scene and feel shivers run down your spine with every spin of the reel. 

To maximize your casino experience, enjoy a rewarding spin with online slot bonuses. Learn more about the different types of online slot bonuses that you can land on the reels and multiply your winnings right here at Bitcasino

What are slot games 

Unlike other casino games that use cards, chips and a complicated array of techniques, slot games offer a fresh perspective to casino gaming and take you on a unique journey where every spin lies in luck and nothing else.

Slot games are one of the most sought-after games in casinos and this is all thanks to their easy gameplay and cheap buy-ins. Anyone can play slot games since there are no skills required to land a win on the reels. All you need to have is lady luck by your side, so if you are feeling intimidated by the cards and the chips on the table games, you can have easy, uncomplicated fun by spinning the reels of the top slot games in Bitcasino! 

To make it even better, online slot games surprise you with a countless world of themes and concepts that could range from a fun treasure hunt in the reels or an exhilarating run-in with the mafia. The most exciting of all is the number of bonuses that you can get by either landing a special symbol on the reel or randomly triggering a bonus game. 

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What are bonus games? 

Bonus games are rewarded in slot games either randomly or by satisfying a few requirements like landing a winning combination on the reels or scoring a special symbol. These types of games give you a chance to win more payouts and add excitement to your game. Moreover, it breaks the monotony of repetitive spinning and gives you something to look forward to in your game. 

There are different kinds of bonus games depending on what the developers decide on. Usually, they are based on the theme of your chosen game. Online slot bonuses can go from simple gameplays to a much more complex feature. There are even bonus games that require an element of skill! 

How do bonus games work? 

Bonus games work differently from each other. There is no single identifier on how to trigger bonus games since it all depends on the developer. While there are bonus features that can be triggered randomly, there are some that can only work when you land a certain combination on the reels that involve wilds, scatters and special symbols. 

Most slot games require you to land 3, 4 or 5 special symbols on an active payline before you can initiate an event. In some cases, you need to collect items from the reels in the course of multiple spins before you can trigger the online slot bonuses. 

Variations of bonus games 

Throughout the years of innovation and modification in slot games, a variety of bonus games have been developed to increase user interaction with the game and encourage you to continue spinning. Take a look at the different variations of online slot bonuses below:

Click me variations
The click me variation takes you on a different screen than the main game where the bonus event will take place. This variant of bonus games is popular since it gives players a chance to select items by clicking on the screen. Oftentimes, the items displayed are symbols or cards that once chosen, will reveal a specific coin value that will be added to your winnings.

Other times, it will reveal a multiplier that will increase your bets or payouts. There are even click me variations that reward free spins. Once you complete the bonus game, you will return to your main game so you can spin the reels and wait for another round of bonuses again!

Arcade-style variation
Countless new slot games bring back the nostalgia of arcade games by using its unique style in bonus features. It takes your slot game to a whole new level by creating a game within an actual game.

Since it is inspired by arcade games, it often requires a level of skill for you to win. However, you shouldn’t worry since the skills required are often minimal. Depending on the theme, you can find yourself shooting aircraft to earn additional payouts, free spins or multipliers.

Arcade-style bonuses make the player feel more involved in the game and thus, it is often sought out by casino gamblers. It is often based on the theme of your chosen slot games so if you are playing a zombie-themed slot, expect a little shooting action on the bonus rounds!


Spin more, win more: Casino slot bonuses you should know! 

Slot games have come a long way from slot machines that spin actual reels. Today, video slots offer more than just the prospect of landing a winning combination and also add dimension to the game with bonuses and a fun, animated theme! There is now more player interaction that wasn’t there before and the thrill only gets better with the possibility of multiplying your wins with random bonus games. Take a look at the different features that can give your payouts a boost!

Free Spin rounds
Free spin rounds are one of the most common bonus features in slot games. Every slot in online casinos has this feature to give you more chances of landing a winning combination and boost your payouts.

There are multiple ways to trigger a free spin in online slot games and the most common is to land certain special symbols on the reels and collect the free spins based on the game’s paytable. Depending on the game, you will receive a certain amount of spins without drawing a bet from your bankroll.

Gamble features
Give yourself an authentic casino experience and play the gamble feature on your slot game! This bonus feature is a homage to the fruit machines of the olden days where players are given the choice to gamble their wins and double their payouts.

The mechanics for the gamble bonus are simple. It is commonly triggered by landing a winning combination on the reels. You will then be given the choice to gamble or continue spinning the game as it is.

If you decide to gamble, you will have the chance to multiply your wins depending on the offer of the game. The common gamble would require you to predict the colour of the card that will be drawn next on a deck or to predict the fate of your wins based on head or tails in a coin toss. You will be offered this feature multiple times in the game at random times.

Retriggering often goes hand in hand with free spins. What this bonus feature does is allow you to continue spinning the reels as long as you satisfy the requirements of the bonus feature. Most of the time, this requirement involves landing a special symbol on the reel. As long as you are landing the symbol during the free spins feature, you will continue to receive more free spins until you either run out of spins or luck out on landing a certain special symbol.
Scatter symbols are often called the player’s best friend in slot games since it is the key to trigger multiple in-game bonuses. If you are lucky enough to land it in a winning combination, you will receive instantaneous rewards usually in the form of free spins, multipliers or payouts.

Scatters often represent the highest-paying symbols in the game and are illustrated as the symbol that reflects the slot’s theme the most. You can easily find it on the paytable as it stands out as a special symbol separated from the regular paying ones.

Slot games have a general rule of landing symbols on a winning combination before you can receive your payout. The same rules don’t apply to wild symbols. These can replace any paying symbol, except the scatter to give you more chances of landing a winning combination on the payline. In a way, wilds act like the joker in a deck of cards as it can substitute other symbols to compete on a winning line.

Just like every other feature of slot games, wilds also evolved through time. Now, there are multiple variations to wild symbols. Check them out below:

  • Sticky wilds – Sticky wilds is one of the most prominent variants of wild symbols. It works just like every other wild symbol that substitutes paying symbols but, what makes this wild different is that it stays on the reels throughout multiple spins, which gives players like you more opportunities to win big!
  • Transferring wild – Have you ever wished that some of the symbols on your reel could just exchange places? Wish no more! Transferring wilds transfer from one reel set to another allowing you to win one or more winning combinations.
This is where it gets exciting! As the name suggests, multipliers can boost your wins by certain amounts when you land it on the reels. It can range from 2X multipliers that can double your wins up to a 1,000X multiplier that will help propel your wins to new heights.
Mini slot bonus
The mini-slot bonus is a slot game within a slot game that can reward you with either multipliers or free spins. A mini-slot is often triggered randomly in the game.
Bonus wheel
Bonus wheels are an in-game bonus that can reward you with instant payouts, multipliers or free spins that can help you boost your bankroll.
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Identifying your bonus 

Identifying the bonus features that a slot game has is fairly easy. The quickest and most comprehensive way to do it is by checking the paytable of the slot game you are playing. Read through the bonuses and play the game in demo mode so you know what you are getting before betting real money.

The paytable will tell you everything you need to know about the in-game bonuses so be sure to check it out before you decide on the slot game that you are going to play! 

Best slot games with multiple bonus features! 

Bitcasino has over 2,000+ slot games to offer and all of them are filled with exceptional bonuses just like the games Hot as Hades and Avalon II. Check out the best of what Bitcasino has to offer and win hefty prizes with online casino bonuses!

Hot as Hades 

  • Game provider: Microgaming
  • RTP: 96.75%
  • Volatility: Low
  • Features: Bonus spins, bonus rounds, multiplier, wild symbols, scatter symbols, hold

Strike a deal with Hades and help him collect the treasures on the reels to take part in the riches of Greek mythology’s wealthiest realm. Microgaming’s Hot as Hades is a visually appealing slot game full of the bright colours of hellfire. Give the reels a mighty spin and complete the Quest for the Crystal Helm bonus to receive Hades’s blessing of wealth in your bankroll!

Avalon II: The Quest for the Grail

  • Game provider: Microgaming 
  • RTP: 95.90%
  • Volatility: Low 
  • Features: Wilds, multiplier, Merlin feature, free spins, 8 bonus rounds

Microgaming’s Avalon II: The Quest for the Grail is a slot game based on King Arthur’s adventures along with his Knights of the Round Table. Spin the reels in the name of the king and bring home the treasures within the holy grail! Trigger the Merlin special feature and receive random cash prizes and multipliers to add to your pile of wins.

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