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A beginner’s guide to bingo: Everything you need to know In the advent of online casino gaming, bingo continues to grow in popularity and demand as the years pass by. This can be attributed to the popularity of online gambling platforms and the technology it uses.  With an internet connection and a device, players can enjoy the full capabilities of a bingo game within arm’s reach. There is no longer the need to go to a bingo hall to win some money. The same principles and rules of traditional bingo remain. A majority of the player base prefers playing bingo on online sites such asRead More →

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Everything you have to know about altcoin season When investing, people always take into consideration the current performance of the crypto market to see whether or not it will be a great time to do so. Aside from seeing Bitcoin as the top possible investment, many are also curious about altcoins and the right season to invest in them.  Altcoins are becoming more popular as they also increase in value and are considered as valuable investments. Nowadays, altcoins are being invested in and they’re seen as more than just investments as they are now accepted in several sites, including Bitcasino where you can play slotsRead More →

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How to play online lottery games at Bitcasino Playing at online casinos have multiple options that you can try. They all result in some fantastic prizes, chief among them is online lottery games. Its main appeal is the big jackpot prizes you can win.  Most people know lottery games with the real-life version where you make your bet and look at the TV show announcements or the newspaper results. However, this game has been integrated into the internet, especially in online gambling sites in the advent of the ever-evolving digital age. Bitcasino has kept being the best platform for your crypto gambling and the variousRead More →

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Crypto 101: Guide to the best crypto exchanges in 2023 To join the crypto industry, finding the best crypto wallet or exchange is a must. Crypto exchanges are digital platforms that allow users to buy, sell, and trade coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. These exchanges function similarly to the stock market, except that instead of stocks and shares, they exchange digital currencies.  To use a crypto exchange, all you have to do is sign up and verify your account details. As soon as the account is created, simply fund your account with crypto and begin trading. Trading, withdrawing, and depositing coins on an exchangeRead More →

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Keno games you can play at Bitcasino  When playing at Bitcasino, you have a wide array of games that will give you a fair chance to win. Aside from creative slots, there is also a myriad of live games that will not just put your strategies to the test but your luck as well.  When you visit Bitcasino live casino section, there are several keno titles you should not miss out on. If you are not that familiar with it yet, the game is quite similar to lottery but it has some features that set it apart. Still, the game requires you to pick numbersRead More →

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Ins and outs of Ripple (XRP) for investors and gamblers Ripple (XRP) is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, making it among the major players in the blockchain industry. What’s even more impressive is how it achieved such a high rank without competing for the same market as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).  XRP is unique in both its use cases as well as structure. Many industries today rely on its blockchain, the RippleNet, on a day-to-day basis. Thus, there are many nuances beginners will find hard to grasp but here’s a quick guide to introduce Ripple to new investors. Understanding howRead More →

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A closer understanding of card counting strategies Playing in online casinos is a fun thing to do, especially as you test your luck on various games that can make you win some exciting prizes. Among those that you can find in online casinos aside from slot games are card games that will test you to the best of your abilities. Among the exciting games you can try is blackjack.  Blackjack follows a simple gameplay that’s easy to understand and follow, even for beginners. Though it’s easy, winning and making a profit is not always guaranteed. With that, some players tend to use strategies when theyRead More →

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Is Dogecoin worth investing in? Dogecoin, which was a crypto based on the doge meme, has produced significant value in the crypto market over the long term. The digital asset was designed as a joke. They intended to mock the irrational crypto speculation. It was the first ‘meme coin’ available at the time and launched the craze for cryptos with animal themes.  The coin may not seem valuable when you consider its satirical nature, but it has turned out to be one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. By the middle of 2021, it had even grown to be worth $85 billion.  PeopleRead More →

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Everything you need to know about Bitcoin halving Bitcoin, despite being a finite resource, is the most valuable crypto asset in the market. To help the coin stay valuable over time, a pivotal event happens every four years. This is called Bitcoin halving.  As the name suggests, during this event Bitcoin, and the reward for mining them are cut in half. This pushes the coin’s price upward. Bitcoin halving is part of the programming underlying the virtual asset to keep its total supply fixed.  If you are an investor, this is great news for you! It is suggested that you take advantage of this eventRead More →

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How do smart contracts work? Technology has left a huge impact in people’s lives that made things a lot easier. From simple tasks like sending emails and researching, it became incredibly seamless.  Smart contracts are prevalent in technologies such as blockchain that have taken the world by storm. But what are smart contracts and how do they work exactly? Here is everything you need to know about smart contracts and how they apply to real life:  What are smart contracts? Smart contracts are automated sets of instructions and agreements between the creator and the users. Also, it is a virtual language and is powered toRead More →