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Slots guide: Volatility and why it’s important There are many factors to think about if you want to optimize your experience when playing slot games. Most prudent players include checking RTPs before playing for real money. Plenty of data can be found about it online and it can be a good tool to decide the average win and loss rate of a game.  Another useful information to consider is the slot’s volatility. Unlike with RTPs, very few game developers provide volatility info to players. Thus, the lack of knowledge about slot volatility can lead to playing games that do not suit your play style. AreRead More →

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Slot games: The most common symbols When it comes to popular casino games, slot machines are chief among them. It is especially easy for beginners to play. Aside from its eye-catching visuals, it also has straightforward and intuitive gameplay. But with any type of game, the real fun is in figuring out how to win. Fortunately, the rules are easy to follow and understanding how the game works can be done without too much hassle. An integral part of doing this is to first familiarize yourself with the symbols that commonly appear in slot games. There were only five symbols in the reels when slotRead More →

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Win bigger payouts in nudge and hold slots! Slot games have a simple premise that allows players to win big by simply spinning the reels. Although it may seem like your classic casino game, slot game providers always find a way to take the gaming experience of players to new heights.  One feature added to games nowadays to improve players’ gaming experience is the nudge and hold. If you want to learn more about what it is and how it changes your usual slot gameplay, keep reading here in Bitcasino Africa! What are nudge and hold slots?  A nudge feature is commonly used in slotRead More →

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Take home the pot with these poker table positions Poker is without a doubt the most popular casino game in the world with its thrilling and rewarding nature. Additionally, it has a lot of strategies players can use to increase their odds of winning. However, one technique that proves to be effective for beginners and experienced players alike is knowing the different positions at the poker table.  Each position gives a different type of advantage and knowing where to sit can increase your chances of winning. Are you curious to know more? Learn everything you can about it here at Bitcasino Africa! What is ‘position’Read More →

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The benefits of crypto gambling Casino gaming has come a long way since its inception. Throughout its lifespan, it has seen a lot of changes that either made it better or worse but one of the most revolutionary steps that it took is the incorporation of cryptocurrencies. Ever since this integration back in the early 2010s, players around the world were treated to a more sophisticated, accessible and convenient way of playing.  Aside from being able to enjoy the comfort of their homes, they also got the chance to wager the different kinds of cryptocurrencies they’re holding. Additionally, this offered a new avenue to accessRead More →

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Unravel the secrets of Ancient Egypt with Egyptian-themed slots From burial tombs, The Great Pyramid, obelisks and the legacy of Egyptian gods, the stories of Ancient Egypt have everything that history buffs obsess over. The hype has reached online casinos, with several software developers like Play’n Go, Spinomenal and NetEnt releasing various Egyptian-themed online slots. Since then, the iGaming industry has continuously welcomed players looking to find hidden treasures in one of the greatest civilisations in the history of mankind. However, since there are lots of Egyptian-themed slot titles available online, choosing something to play might come off as a challenge. Which ones have theRead More →

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Beating the dealer: When do you split cards in blackjack? Ever since blackjack became popular in French casinos around 1700, plenty of strategies that could help gamblers win the upper hand and double their payouts have been introduced. This includes splitting pairs, an important playing decision that can either make or break your game.  But when you’re a novice player, understanding these strategies might seem a bit foreign. And in the case of split cards in blackjack, it can be confusing to know when to use it especially when you don’t know it’s supposed to beat the dealer. To clear all these confusions, take aRead More →

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Discover how to play 3-card poker live in Bitcasino! Poker is, without a doubt, the leading game in the world of casinos that’s why many variants have emerged to offer punters a better gaming experience.  These variations allow numerous players to explore and elevate their gameplay based on their skill and risk tolerance. One type that stands out is three-card poker live due to its easy gameplay and rewarding nature.  So, if you want to learn more about this exciting version of poker, keep reading here in Bitcasino! What is 3-card poker live? Three-card poker is a straightforward game in which you are not requiredRead More →

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Play to win remarkable rewards with these slots strategies Playing slot games is one of the most thrilling casino experiences. Thanks to these slot games’ gorgeously-made graphics, immersive sound mixing, simple gameplay and most importantly, remarkable rewards, you’ll find yourself playing dozens of rounds for hours on end. To make these hours worth your while, Nigerian Bitcoin casino has prepared the following terrific tips to follow along so you can win in slot games. Start with classic slots As you enter a casino, be it an online or land-based one, you’d be greeted with countless slot games. With each game looking incredibly exciting, it’s difficultRead More →

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Most influential people in the cryptocurrency industry The launch of Bitcoin back in 2009 has paved the way for the birth of other cryptocurrencies in the world. Fast forward to today, the coin is now the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and is used by many people as a means of exchange. Another reason why the world’s digital gold is popular is that it’s introduced by individuals who became big names in crypto. These personalities further pushed Bitcoin in the scene, which made it even more recognized across the world. Nakib Bukele One of the most significant moments in the crypto industry that has happenedRead More →