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Whether you’re playing slots, baccarat, blackjack or poker at Bitcasino, you might have noticed a percentage as you look at the game information or paytable. This number, known as the Return-to-Player percentage, is an important part of a slot game’s payout system. 

How does it affect your game and what does an RTP entail? Browse through Bitcasino and learn more about the RTPs of your favourite slot games and how you can use that to your advantage when playing. 

Slot games RTP: What are these numbers?

The Return-to-Player (RTP) percentage is a term that the casino industry uses to indicate the amount of payout the players will receive over time. It’s one of the most important factors that you should look for when choosing a slot game because it gives you an approximation of what you’d gain if you continuously spin the reels. 

RTPs can vary depending on how the provider has developed the slot game. For example, a slot game RTP is at 96%. This means that if you wager a total of US$1,000 for the entire lifespan of your game and win, you are guaranteed a US$960 worth of rewards.

The higher the RTP is, the bigger the winnings that a player can get over a series of spins. This is calculated depending on the wagers put up by the player.

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Computing for the RTP

Percentage computation to measure the RTP can be confusing. You don’t have to worry about this because developers coded automatic computations in the online slot to solve the equation for you. 

However, if you want to understand how the RTP works, check out the formula below:

RTP = total player wins/total player bets*100%

Since a single game can’t accurately determine the percentage, a series of testing is set by the software providers to completely measure the game’s RTP. The reels are spun a thousand or a million times to precisely measure the percentage that can be returned to the player upon winning.

Slot variance vs RTP

Often, casino goers confuse RTP with the frequency of wins you can hit during a game. RTP measures the percentage of payouts that’ll be given to a player while variance measures how volatile a slot game is. 

A slot’s variance answers the question of why two slots of the same RTP have different payout frequencies. To put it simply, it measures how frequently a game pays. It’s often separated into three levels namely: 

  • Low variance – Pays frequently but rewards are in small increments.
  • Medium variance – Considered as low risk games that reward payouts in small amounts.
  • High variance – Slots that pay less frequently than the abovementioned levels but with significantly bigger payouts.

House edge vs RTP

Although the terms have a different use, they are two parts of the same pie. The house edge is the small percentage that a casino platform takes from a wager. It’s the way casinos profit from the games. Often, this is computed using the formula below:

House edge = 100% – RTP

This computation only works for slot games. There’s a different way to measure the house edge and the RTP when it comes to table games like baccarat, blackjack, and poker. 

Hit frequencies vs RTP

RTP is also mistaken for the hit frequency of a slot game. Some players assume that the percentage of the RTP refers to how many wins a game can reward throughout playing.

A hit frequency defines the volatility of a slot game. This is the number of times that a slot hits winning combinations during a round. Providers are not legally bound to disclose the hit frequency but some may include it on the terms and conditions. 


The importance of RTPs

Since slot games enforce random number generators (RNGs), RTPs are your way to gauge how much you stand to win when you play. Often, avid slot players use the RTP to strategise their play. This percentage gives you an idea of whether the slot is worth playing or not. 

Also, it’s a way for you to compare different games since slots with higher RTPs are more likely to give you higher payouts than those with lower percentages. 

It’s also fair to say that the RTP does not directly influence your gameplay. Slot variance can affect your gameplay more than the RTP since the former dictates the frequency of hits you can land on the reels. 

The truth behind slot games RTP myths

There’s no right or wrong strategy when it comes to playing slot games. After all, this casino game is based solely on luck since everything is randomised. Many myths and misconceptions developed over the years due to players that can’t come to terms with their losses. 

These players may say that slot games are rigged. Here are some of the popular myths that surround slot games RTPs and the truth behind them:

Hot and cold streaks happen a lot in slot games
Many players want to think that there’s a pattern in slot games that can be decoded. However, this isn’t true since these games are developed using a Random Number Generator (RNG) to prevent these patterns.

It is also one of the many reasons why RTPs differ from one another. Some games have higher RTPs than others simply because the RNG is responsible for randomising the spins. That’s why there’s a complicated formula to compute the RTP as accurately as possible.

RTP guarantees your win
Many players think that the game’s RTP is the percentage of guaranteed wins you can get. This isn’t true since the RTP is the average bet amount that you can receive over a period of playing.
All slots pay the same despite the advertised RTP
Aside from various creative themes, slot games come with unique RTPs based on the testing and computation made by the provider before its release. The difference may not be noticeable and often under the radar but the computation says otherwise.

Many slot games may have the same RTP but it does not mean that the computation isn’t unique. It’s a mere coincidence that this happens. These slots with similar RTPs won’t behave the same since developers coded them differently.

Hackers can cheat the RTP
It is theoretically possible to cheat the RTP but even the most experienced hackers cannot change the outcome of the game. Even if they successfully change the percentage, it won’t affect the game’s outcome.

RTPs are the computation of certain probabilities that can happen during the game and won’t affect the winnings that you may gain while playing.

Many instances of hacking may have occurred in the past. However, due to tight regulations of the casino industry, these perpetrators are caught and apprehended.

Betting patterns can affect the RTP
Even if you try hard enough to figure out a pattern in slot games, it’s impossible to do so. No one can predict the outcome of the RNG and this would not affect the slot’s RTP as part of the game’s encrypted security measure.
Casinos can adjust the RTP at will
Technically, casinos can change the RTP of a slot game depending on the terms they agreed upon with the provider. This does not mean that the slot game is rigged because certain regulations governing the industry prevent casinos from taking advantage of this.

Whenever a casino alters the RTP, they are required to report this to gambling jurisdictions to justify their reasons for doing so. Pragmatic Play, NetEnt and Play’n GO are some of the providers that allow casinos to choose from predetermined RTP settings but these should still follow regulations set by the industry to avoid game rigging.

Slots have cyclical pays because of the RTP
The RTP does not directly affect the gameplay of a slot. As previously established, each spin is randomised by the RNG to avoid forming patterns. There’s no proof that slot games can provide a pattern in winning since it is a game of chance.
Slot machines pay more during the downtime
Another common misconception about slot games is that it pays more during casino downtimes. Since there aren’t many players taking chances on a particular slot game during inactive hours, some casino players think that they can somehow take advantage of the RTP.

A slot game’s RTP does not change whether many casino goers are playing the same game at a specific time. Your odds of winning remain the same no matter what time of day you decide to play.

Manual spins can pay more
Some casino players opt to manually spin the reels rather than utilise the auto-spin feature in online slots. The common misconception is that allowing the casino to automatically spin the reels for you robs you of the chance of landing winning combinations.

However, slot payouts are not dictated by how the game is operated. Even if the game is on auto-spin mode, the RNG will still randomise the outcome for each spin. There’s no real way of predicting what the results would be until the reels stop. The only thing that the auto-spin affects is the speed of the game.

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Top Bitcasino slots with high RTP rates

Now that you know how slot games RTP works, it’s time to try your hands in Bitcasino’s various slot games! Don’t know where to start? Here are some of the most popular games on the platform with high RTP rates that you can play:

Book of 99 by Relax Gaming

Travel back in time and battle amongst the ancient gods of Egypt to win massive rewards! Casino slot Book of 99 will help you uncover the secrets that these deities have covered up including the map to where treasures up to 5,000x your stake are hidden. 

Spin the reels and play Relax Gaming’s Egyptian-themed game! Here are important details that you should know about the slot before playing:

Minimum bet€0.10
Maximum bet€100
Bonus featuresWild Symbol, Free Spins, Collection Metre
Maximum payout5,000x your stake

Money Train 2 by Relax Gaming

An exhilarating ride to the wild west is upon you when you enter casino slot Money Train 2! Developed by Relax Gaming, this slot takes you into an exciting heist adventure that can make you rich if you play your cards right. 

Join the ragtag team of bandits and grab the chance to spin the reels and win massive rewards! Know more about the game’s details with the information below:

Minimum bet€0.10
Maximum bet€20
Bonus featuresRespin Feature, Money Cart Bonus, Wilds, Scatters
Maximum payout50,000x your stake

Desert Gem by Kalamba Games

Have fun digging the desert dunes at Kalamba Games’ casino slot Desert Gem. The 5×4 reels and 1,024 paylines gives you plenty of opportunities to land winning combinations and reap rewards beyond your wildest dreams. 

Aside from that, plenty of bonuses can help you maximise your payouts for more chances of winning! Find out more about casino slot Desert Gem on the table below:

Minimum bet€0.88
Maximum bet€44
Bonus featuresGold Symbols, Free Spins, Bonus Cashpot, Bonus Spins, Wilds
Maximum payout€100,000

Massive winnings are waiting for you at Bitcasino!

Slot games RTPs do not signify a guaranteed win but they offer guidance to help decide which games are worth playing at Bitcasino. Sign up for an account, top-up your balance and choose one of the popular slots with the highest RTPs to maximise the possibility of landing combinations on the paylines with every spin!

Different slot games with exciting themes are available at Bitcasino. From progressive jackpot slots to creative themed games, there’s a slot perfect for your gaming preferences. What are you waiting for? Browse through Bitcasino’s vast catalogue of casino slots for a chance to win large rewards! 

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