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How to play online lottery games at Bitcasino

Playing at online casinos have multiple options that you can try. They all result in some fantastic prizes, chief among them is online lottery games. Its main appeal is the big jackpot prizes you can win. 

Most people know lottery games with the real-life version where you make your bet and look at the TV show announcements or the newspaper results. However, this game has been integrated into the internet, especially in online gambling sites in the advent of the ever-evolving digital age.

Bitcasino has kept being the best platform for your crypto gambling and the various online lottery and keno games are available here.

How to create an account on Bitcasino

Logging onto Bitcasino, you are taken to the homepage. There is an orange ‘Sign up’ button in the top-right corner. Here are the steps that you need to play your favourite Bitcasino slots and lottery games here: 

  • To have an easier process, you can sign up using your accounts on platforms such as Metamask, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Telegram, or your Apple ID. 
  • The standard process will involve inputting your details: your username, email, birthdate, country code, and password.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy on Bitcasino and then you can finalise your account creation. 

How does a lottery game work?

The lottery works by spending a sum of money to have the chance of winning a huge prize. You select 6 numbers and you will win the jackpot if you hit on those numbers. Most of the time, there is a small chance of winning the lottery game. 

Lottery rewards are exponentially high which matches the small chance of winning. However, with just a small wager, you can gain bigger rewards than you ever imagined. That is how it worked in the traditional lottery games but the online lottery games have worked that way too but with quicker gameplay as you won’t need to wait a day to get the rewards if you win. 

The online casino format of this game is pretty easy to play because all you have to do is input your wager and then you select the numbers that you feel are drawn for the lottery game.

Why is a lottery game worth it to play?

The lottery is pretty low-risk based on the overall value that you will have to spend. What makes it desirable for people to play this game is the potential payoff can be substantial. Most online casino games are pretty rewarding when you win on them but they do not have the same number of rewards as the lottery unless they rack up some bonuses and promotions to help with the boost. 

Huge jackpots are present

With the lottery game, players can always expect huge payouts because that is the name of the game. All you have to do is make a small wager but the upside is much higher than you expect from other casino games. 

The players who make small wagers can still earn some of the biggest rewards possible because that is how the lottery games work. Maximise your wager with your wagers because the payouts are huge.

Aside from the jackpots, people can also have bonuses attached to their games which means they can increase their winnings even more. The lottery has some high reward upside and you should not pass it up due to the potential of your meagre amount of money turning into life-changing winnings.

The lottery has a simple model

With the lottery’s gameplay model, it is easy to understand compared to other games. You just need to make a wager and select the numbers to get started. You are given a ticket to play with and you select which numbers you feel will be randomly picked. 

That is simple gameplay because you will be hoping you hit on the numbers that you selected. You rarely win the jackpot but if you get a few numbers that hit, that can result in rewards, albeit smaller. 

However, the chance of winning the jackpot is enticing and if you get the right selection of numbers, that jackpot will be all yours. You don’t have to spend too much to win here but it will depend on the random number generation for the game.

The lottery games you can play on Bitcasino

Bitcasino has tons of offerings for its offerings but the lottery games stand out due to the potential of the rewards. These are the lottery games that you can see and play during your time here: 

Atomico Lotto (Caleta Gaming)

This is a unique twist to the lottery and bingo games. It will feature different boards that draw numbers for you. There will then be random numbers selected for you and if they are drawn, you get the rewards. 

You won’t have to match the numbers yourself because you will have the game automatically do that. The only move that you have to make is pressing the start button to kick off the game. Reap the rewards from this game, especially since it has a return to player percentage (RTP) of 95.5% which can help you get some solid rewards.

Keno Rush (OneTouch)

This is a game made for keno lottery lovers which are visually striking from the get-go with its purple and orange theme. Keno Rush is where you get the fastest-paced experience in the lottery game section of Bitcasino as you can adjust the risk value and look at the possible rewards you can win. 

You can even automate the gameplay as you just have to click start and place your wager. It is an exciting game to play because of the randomness but winning the Keno Rush game is a cathartic feeling.

Jungle Keno (Caleta Gaming)

With a jungle theme, Jungle Keno is one of the most appealing games in the market. The gameplay is mostly the same but you can have bonuses in this game that boost the value of rewards you can win. Players are allowed to select from 3 up to 10 numbers in the cards but if you’re in a hurry, you can let the game itself choose random numbers for you. 

You can then start your gameplay session by pressing the play button which can be adjusted with the games that you can try out. You can get some bonuses in this game, highlighted by the Bonus Rules’ spinning the wheel to reveal the multiplier for the rewards.

Bingo Billion Llama (Caleta Gaming)

This is a bingo game where players can play 4 cards at the same time. You can make game bets from 0.04 to 80 whenever you start the game. From the start, 30 bingo balls are drawn in the game and you can also open 14 more balls. 

For every card, there are 10 possible winning conditions with a range of RTP from 91.89% and 93.42% which can still be stable for most people, especially since this is a game based on the lottery.

Magical Keno (Caleta Gaming)

Cast a spell with Magical Keno where you can win some magnificent rewards. With its simple rules, Magical Keno is a fun game to try with a solid amount of luck to get the rewards. The user interface is pretty easy to look into with the reel screen and win screen. 

Just like other Caleta Gaming titles, you can spin the wheel and win bonuses like the multiplier. The desktop version is the standard for the game but you can also use your mobile phone with Magical Keno for both iOS and Android devices.

Halloween Keno (Caleta Gaming)

This game might be designed to celebrate a holiday where scariness is the focal point. However, Halloween Keno is nothing but enticing because of the rewards that you can win. The gameplay is pretty similar to the other Caleta titles but you can choose one of the cauldrons during gameplay you can sometimes get a multiplier bonus that can turn your maximum winnings into a bet 100,000 times your stake.

The rewards are pretty high-value which is why this game is a good recommendation. This is a can’t-miss game due to the rewards but also for how easy it is to play for any player.

Tips you need for a good online lottery experience on Bitcasino

Learning more about the online lottery gameplay is crucial to your longevity with the game. Success will lead you to some fantastic rewards on Bitcasino with all of the cryptocurrencies you can use and earn from winning. Here are some useful tips for your Bitcasino gameplay: 

  • Try multiple lottery games on the platform:  With all of the titles that were detailed above, you have tons of options to choose from. Make sure that you try your luck on those games and find what you think is the best game for you. This can also help with getting as many rewards as possible across different games.
  • Use the bonuses to your advantage: Most of the time, people will only look at the rewards they can win. However, there is more with online lottery games beyond their rewards because there are bonus features on the games and websites themselves.
  • Make sure to maintain a bankroll: While the online lottery game is not too expensive with the smaller wagers you can make, you should not get carried away with the usage of your bankroll. Bet low and keep adding to it with your winnings but don’t go overboard with your gameplay and your wagers.
  • Stay patient: The online lottery will require solid patience because wins are rare. That is why you need to stay patient because there are tons of chances to win that can work out due to small wagers.

Why Bitcasino is the right platform for you to play online lottery games

Bitcasino is one of the best online gambling platforms on the internet. You just have to go there and you will see there are tons of offerings for games all over the platform. Jackpot slots, roulette, blackjack, and many more are available to help you enjoy your time there.

At the same time, you can also play online lottery games that you will love. With the use of bonuses and promotions provided by the platform, the Bitcasino live casino experience gets even better. Now, you should try it out for yourself because Bitcasino has focused on giving you industry-leading time.