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Take home the pot with these poker table positions

Poker is without a doubt the most popular casino game in the world with its thrilling and rewarding nature. Additionally, it has a lot of strategies players can use to increase their odds of winning. However, one technique that proves to be effective for beginners and experienced players alike is knowing the different positions at the poker table. 

Each position gives a different type of advantage and knowing where to sit can increase your chances of winning. Are you curious to know more? Learn everything you can about it here at Bitcasino Africa!

What is ‘position’ in poker? 

Seats refer to the location of players at the poker table. Usually, the seating is arranged around the dealer table, which has its advantage depending on where the players are positioned. Here are the positions you should know about:  

Dealer button  

The dealer button or ‘buck’ is not necessarily a specific position, but rather a starting point for the game. It also serves as a visual cue to the person to whom the cards are dealt, indicating where the cards are coming from.

Early position (EP) 

The Early Position or ‘EP’ at the poker table is considered the disadvantaged area at the poker table since they are the first to preflop. Additionally, players who get placed on this side of the table must play with a more rigid opening range with their wagers since they’re the first to act first after the flop. 

Usually, this is also called ‘Under the Gun’ or UTG. The term “Under the Gun” refers to the player who is direct to the left of the huge blind and is said to be the first to act before the Flop round. Keep in mind that in this position, a player is under considerable pressure since it is tough to design a game strategy.

Middle position (MP) 

The term “middle position” on the poker table refers to a player who is allowed to act after those in the early position but before those in the late position. Usually, this is considered a good position since players have more time to assess how their opponents act before they get their turn. 

Late position (LP) 

Late Position or ‘LP’ in poker is considered the most ideal seat because they can see the actions from the MP and EP. Players in this position also have the leverage to ‘steal blinds’ when other players at the table have conceded. 

Remember that it is possible to take the blinds from any of these late positions if you anticipate the motions of your adversaries.

The Blinds 

Blinds are the bets that a player at a specific position in the game is required by the system to place. Players seated to the left of the dealer button are required to make two wagers, such as:

  • Small blind – When a game begins, the small blind is the first required stake and it is always set at the minimum amount. This blind, which is equivalent to half of the Big Blind, is placed by the player to the left of the dealer button.
  • Big blind – Once a stake is placed in the small blind, the second necessary bet called the ‘big blind’ is placed. Whenever the Small Blind is posted by the player to the left of the Small Blind, the Big Blind is always double that amount. 

The Cut Off

The phrase ‘cut off is used to describe the player who sits immediately to the right of the dealer button. This is the second-best position to be in while playing poker because it allows the ability to bluff, increase the blinds, and act with a strong hand.

The Hijack

The term “hijack” refers to the player who is seated close to the “cutoff” and the second-to-the-right of the dealer. This is an excellent point from which to make your decisions since it allows you to steal the blinds that have been handed.

Advantages of knowing poker table positions

Most novice players make the mistake of not knowing poker table positions since they deem it unnecessary. Of course, it’s a good idea of the basics of the game and how it works, but diving deeper into positions can give you a different perspective and edge. Check out some of the advantages of knowing poker table positions. 

Opportunity to bluff

Knowing the different positions in poker gives you plenty of opportunities to strategise your bluff. In situations when you’re aiming to represent a stronger hand, having the chance to act last gives you a distinct edge.

 It is the perfect opportunity to raise and take down the pot when your opponent checks you since it indicates that they are susceptible to your raise.

Control the pot

If you’re the final player to post-flop, you have the option of setting your limits on how huge the pot will be. So, if your opponent checks the action to you and you just want to play a small pot, then you may simply check behind. 

However, if you want to play a bigger pot, you can always raise. This means, that if you know you’re in a position to do better actions, you can control the pot, which gives you an advantage over how big the winning prize is. 

It gives you more confidence 

Knowing the different playing positions in poker gives you a better understanding of how the game works. If you’re familiar with these concepts, it gives you more confidence while playing, as well as when you’re formulating your strategies. 

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