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Play to win remarkable rewards with these slots strategies

Playing slot games is one of the most thrilling casino experiences. Thanks to these slot games’ gorgeously-made graphics, immersive sound mixing, simple gameplay and most importantly, remarkable rewards, you’ll find yourself playing dozens of rounds for hours on end.

To make these hours worth your while, Nigerian Bitcoin casino has prepared the following terrific tips to follow along so you can win in slot games.

Start with classic slots

As you enter a casino, be it an online or land-based one, you’d be greeted with countless slot games. With each game looking incredibly exciting, it’s difficult to pick which one to play first, especially if you’re playing on a limited budget. 

If this is your first time playing slot games and you’re on a budget, then start with a classic slot. Though they’re simpler in design than those exciting-looking video slots and don’t pay as much, the frequency of you winning is a lot more often. 

Because this slot variant’s system focuses more on you landing winning combinations, rather than setting symbols up to activate bonus features, your chances of winning grow. So for beginner slot players who don’t want to risk too much, a classic slot game is an excellent choice for you. 

Pace your budget 

With slot games giving you potentially exciting prizes, it’s easy to keep on spinning without considering the consequences. However, before you get to these jackpots, if you’re ever lucky enough to do so, it can cost you potentially just as much, maybe even more.  

So to avoid this problem, it’s best to pace your budget before playing. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a specific amount of money to become your wager. Ensure that this budget is money you can afford to lose. This means your entire bankroll or more than half of it, is not ideal for you to risk on the line for the jackpot. 
  2. Plan what you’ll do for winning/losing scenarios. For example, if you’ve won a certain amount, you can play for at least 3 more spins. Another example could be if you lost for the fifth time, you’ll lessen the wager and keep on playing for at least one more spin.   
  3. Finally, stick to these plans. After all, plans remain plans when they are never put into action. 

Understand gameplay features through the paytable

Once you’ve prepared your budget, study the paytable before playing the game. When you do, you will learn everything there is to know about the slot, from payouts and special symbols to bonus features. 

Reading and learning the paytable allows you to strategize what to do in-game should certain features or symbols land and decide whether or not to keep playing or take home whatever amount of money you’ve won.

Study the slot by playing ‘Free play’ mode

To better understand the paytable, it’s best to try out the game’s ‘Free play’/’Demo mode’. That’s because this mode allows you to get a better understanding of the game, what certain features appear like and even how much you could potentially win throughout the game without spending a cent. 

Play a slot game based on your goals and interests 

Playing casino games is more than just about thrilling rewards. It’s also about fun gameplay experiences as you find yourself immersed in thousands of slot game worlds. With tons of themes to choose from, there’s a big ocean of slot games waiting for you to enjoy according to your interest. 

Understanding Return to Player

Either on the paytable or below the slot game screen, you’ll find the word ‘RTP’ and a certain percentage next to it. You may be wondering what these two things are and how they’ll help you in-game. 

The Return to Player, or ‘RTP’ for short, is defined as the potential winning prize rate the slot pays to you and other players. Set in percentage form, the RTP is calculated depending on the value of the rewards players have won before divided by the overall gambles players made.

Understanding volatility

Every slot game is rated as a low, medium or high volatility. What this means is, every slot game you play has a frequency of landing or not landing winning combinations. 

For beginners like you, it’s best to opt for a low volatility slot game. It’s because out of the three volatility types, this one has a higher chance of landing winning combinations and giving you rewards. Though it doesn’t give the most exciting prizes, its frequency of payouts will give you a good time.

However, the greater the volatility means the higher the exciting rewards that await you. So if you have the budget for the game and want to win the jackpot, take the time to play through medium up to high volatility games.

Understand types of slot games

No slot game is made the same. Some have their own winning requirements, RTPs and volatility that increase or decrease your chances of winning.

 To learn which of these slot games are ideal for you, below are the slot game variants you can expect to find in a casino:

Classic slots 

As mentioned above, this is the slot variant that is the most ideal for new players. If you’re looking to start off with classic slots, here are the things you can expect:

  • Landing 1 to 5 combinations on the reels gives you exciting low-paying rewards.
  • A paytable that instructs you on the rewards of the symbols should you land them in sets of 1 up to 5.
  • A low volatility value that frequently gives you more rewards.

Video slots

You are sent to countless unique worlds when playing video slots! With exciting graphics and atmospheric music, you can expect fun times and great rewards. Here are the things you can expect from this type of slot game.

  • Landing at least 3 symbols on paylines that can reach hundreds of thousands gives you high-paying rewards.
  • Thrilling bonuses, features and special symbols increase winning chances and give higher rewards. 
  • Bonus features and symbols are used to compensate for the fact that video slot games have a high volatility rate.

Progressive slots

These video slot game variants feature an ever-growing jackpot as more people play the game. It has a lot of the same video slot features since a progressive slot is a video slot variant. 

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