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What does it mean to be an online casino VIP member?

It’s always fun to play at online casinos because they bring you a luxurious casino gaming experience, even at home. You have access to thousands of games created by cutting-edge providers. Therefore, having an online playing account grants you the convenience of no longer having to go out and take home huge wins. 

In a regular casino setup, only the VIP players are the ones who can receive playing advantages. This is not the case in online casinos as everyone is eligible to claim bonuses. It is for a more elevated gaming experience that some sites like Bitcasino have worked on VIP programmes for those who regularly play. 

Bitcasino VIPs are those who receive the most premium that the site offers. This is only granted to those who have proved themselves as deserving of the advantages that the title comes with.  If you haven’t heard of the interesting Bitcasino VIP program yet, here are some things you should keep in mind: 

Advantages that come with being an online casino VIP player

There are a lot of remarkable advantages that you can enjoy when you become a VIP player. Here are some of them: 

Bigger bonus grants 

If you play regularly, it is most likely that you become entitled to incredible Bitcasino bonus offers that will increase your winning chances. If you qualify as a VIP, expect getting more free spins, larger deposit bonuses, and even a plane ticket to Las Vegas. Aside from generous bonuses, some are tailored to suit your betting preference. 

Higher betting limits 

There are instances when the low maximum betting limits on several of the popular table games like Texas Hold’em Poker restricts players from having more fun. However, this is not an issue for most VIP players since some sites allow them to place bigger bets, even if it surpasses the maximum amount permitted for normal players.

The VIPs will have a better chance of receiving more amazing benefits from their favourite games, particularly when they make bigger bets. Simply put, the VIP status frequently serves as an exemption from any limitations imposed on regular gamers.

Access to a VIP manager 

Being a VIP player at Bitcasino gives you access to your very own VIP manager who will assist you with all your betting needs. Their main job is to provide you with the best playing experience you can ask for. You can talk to them at any time and they’ll be quick enough to help you. 

For sites which don’t offer VIP managers, expect getting priority service when you reach out to them. This means that you no longer have to wait in the live chat queue in case you need to ask them something. 

Chance to join special offers 

Being a VIP player also entitles you to claim exciting offers that the site hosts from time to time. These may come in the form of live raffles, weekly rebates, wager bonuses, and occasional campaigns. 

Joining these adds to the fun of playing since they are exclusively offered for those who have reached a VIP playing status. 

Invitations to luxurious events 

Aside from premium perks that provide an advantage for your playing experience. This may include invitations to exclusive events. Some offers may even be as lavish as a yacht cruise, a weekend getaway, and even front-row seats to major events.

The invitations usually come with complimentary meals and lodging, giving you the special treatment you deserve. Regardless of what a site offers, they always see to it that the experience they give will truly be memorable. 


How to become a Bitcasino VIP?

Upon knowing the perks that come with this status, you may be interested to learn how to become a Bitcasino VIP yourself. With that, here are the simple steps that will help you become one: 

  1. Sign up for an account → Provide all of the necessary information to create an account. There are instances wherein you’ll be asked to send a proof of identification to verify your account. But most of the time, all you need to do is to click the link that was sent to your email. 
  2. Be an active player →  Once your account is active, take the time in funding your account and play some. The more games you play, the more potential you’ll have to be a part of the VIP community. 
  3. Wait for the invitation → Bitcasino VIPs are chosen by the system. Once they see that you are worthy of it, you will receive an invitation via email. 
  4. Accept the offer → Follow the steps they have indicated and check if your status is already updated. Once it is, start enjoying it to the most of your abilities. 

Other ways to be a VIP 

Some online casinos don’t handpick their VIPs. This gives way for more bettors to become a VIP. Some of those methods are: 

  • By registration → Some sites will request that you sign up for their VIP gaming programmes. These may require you to fill out forms so they can determine whether or not you qualify. As it works as the easiest way to become a VIP, sites that tend to do this may have offers that are not as luxurious as what other sites offer. 
  • By qualification → Other sites may require you to meet their wagering requirements. Some of the sites that tend to do this are those that don’t have any other special bonus offers. 
  • By ranking up → Many sites have loyalty bonuses which are claimable by earning points from playing transactions and the like. More often than not, sites that have such require you to move up their hierarchy to reach the VIP level which is the highest tier. 

Games you can enjoy as a VIP 

When you become a VIP player, make the most out of your chances on the games that sites have readily made available for you. In case you don’t know what to play, here are some options you should play as a regular or high-roller VIP player: 


Slots are not just the most prevalent games in any online casino’s roster but they also happen to be the most popular. There are a few strategies when betting on slots but what made this game popular is its simple gameplay which requires you to place bets and wait for some winning combinations to show up. 

Another factor that you’ll love most about them is how they fall under various themes that will correspond to your interests. These themes don’t affect your winning chances as they only determine the visuals, soundtracks, and overall feel of the game. 


Roulette is the most played non-card live game in online casinos. In this game, you must place wagers based on guesses where the ball will land after it stops spinning in the wheel. You can receive prizes if you guess correctly. 

In this game, you can either bet on the specific or generic outcomes of the game through inside and outside bets. Each of these has different odds which means that you can earn different amounts of prizes from them. The best part of it is that you may place several bets if you like. 

Card games 

Several games have been made possible by the 52 common playing cards on a single deck. Aside from being just recognised as a social game, card games are played in both physical and online casinos where they are hosted by professional dealers. There, you can engage yourself with real-time card shuffling and dealing that ensures you of its fairness. 

Some of the most popular card games you can find online are versions of blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Although most games stick to the traditional gameplay of these, some developers have incorporated fresh twists into the games.

Non-card games

Not every live game that you might see at an online casino is played with cards. Some of them are luck-based. In these games, you have to place a bet based on your assumptions of the game outcomes. 

Some non-card games may take inspiration from TV shows and board games. Examples of such include Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, and Plinko. Meanwhile, several interesting titles were creatively made by game developers for you to try. 

These are just some facts that you would have to know if you intend to play as a VIP on Bitcasino or any site of your choice. What are you waiting for? Play your favourite games and have the chance to become the site’s new VIP player. You might even win tickets to a popular event or a ticket depending on the ongoing promotion. 

Even if you are having a lot of fun, remember to set a betting limit to avoid overspending. Don’t take the game seriously and just have fun. 


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